Naruto Shippuden Adult Akatsuki Cloud Anti Leaf Symbols Fleece Crew Sweatshirt

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Naruto Shippuden Adult Akatsuki Cloud Anti Leaf Symbols Fleece Crew Sweatshirt

Graphic Tshirt Product Features

50/50 Cotton/Polyester
Made in USA or Imported
OFFICIALLY LICENSED: To ensure you are purchasing an officially licensed Naruto Shippuden product by Ripple Junction, look for Sold by Ripple Junction” under the button
Front image includes the Akatsuki Cloud Anti Leaf Symbol. The left sleeve print includes the anti-village symbols.
Naruto is the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto and released in the US by Viz Media and is one of the best-selling manga series of all time
Fun Fact: The red cloud is a symbol of Akatsuki and literlly means Dawn or Daybreak.
Follow the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village destined to become Hokage. He is orphaned by the same force that is now sealed within him, the Nine-Tails. He joins Team 7 with fellow ninjas Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno under elite ninja, Kakashi Hatake. During their Ch«nin Exams, Orochimaru invades Konoha and kills the Third Hokage. Sasuke chooses to train with Orochimaru in his pursuit for the strength to defeat his brother Itachi, who is responsible for their parents death. While unable to convince Sasuke to return to Konoha, Naruto and Sakura do not give up on him. With the departure of Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura form a new team with Sai under the leadership of Yamato as they continue their pursuit of their lost teammate and friend. The Akatsuki, a criminal group of ninjas that have defected from various villages, are capturing the hosts of the Tailed-Beasts so they can extract and use their immense tail beast power. They capture Gaara (the current Kazekage of the Sand Village and close friend of Naruto) and extract the One Tail Demon, leading to Naruto and his team join the battle against the Akatsuki. Follow the journey of the Hidden Leaf Village Ninjas as they join forces with the other Great Nations to save the world from the evil schemes of the Akatsuki Group. Watch Naruto as he trains under Jiraiya (the Pervy Sage), the Toad Sage, and Killer Bee (the Eight-Tails jinch«riki) in his journey to defeat the Akatsuki, save Sasuke, and become the Hero of the Hidden Leave Village.
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki is a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village and the jinch«riki of the Nine-Tails. Narutos parents, Minato (the Fourth Hokage) and Kushina, sealed the Nine-Tails within Narutos body the day he was born. He was shunned by the village throughout his childhood due to this, forging a desire for acknowledgement and fueling his pursuit of becoming Hokage. Ramen Ichiraku is his favorite restaurant. Each shinobi has their own nind, a personal code in which they live by. Narutos nind is to never go back on his word. After his graduation from the Academy, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura form Team 7 under the leadership of Kakashi Hatake. After Sasuke defects from the village, he is replaced by Sai. Narutos signature techniques are the Shadow Clone Technique and the Rasengan. He is also known for summoning toads and using Sage mode. He achieved his dream by becoming the Seventh Hokage for his role in the Fourth Shinobi World War, defeating Akatsuki and Kaguya.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha is one of the last remaining members of the Konohagakure’s Uchiha clan. Sasuke witnessed his older brother, Itachi, murder the entire clan, along with their parents. This caused a hatred of his brother and triggered his desire to gain the strength needed to enact his vengeance. During the Ch«nin Exams, Orochimaru places a curse mark on him which only fuels his desire to gain power. He eventually leaves the village to train with Orochimaru. Sasukes main sources of power are the Sharingan and the Chidori. Sasuke does confront Itachi and manages to kill him. He learns that Itachi acted upon orders from the village when he massacred his clan and decided to protect Sasuke from the truth so he wouldnt hate the village. Sasuke then joins the Akatsuki along with Suigetsu, Karin, and J«go as he searches for the truth behind Itachis actions. Sasuke decides to fight for Konoha in the Fourth Shinobi World War to honor Itachis sacrifices, helping Naruto to defeat Obito and Kaguya.
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake, known as the Copy Ninja, is one of the most skilled ninjas in Konoha and was widely considered a prodigy when he was a child. He values following shinobi rules above all, making him difficult to work with at times. An avid fan of the Icha Icha series of novels, it is rare not to see a copy with him. He can summon Ninken, which he raised since they were puppies. During the Third Shinobi World War, Kakashis left eye was damaged protecting his teammate Obito. Obito is later critically wounded and gives Kakashi his Sharingan to replace the eye he lost protecting him. Kakashi was later assigned to the Anbu Black Ops and became the captain of Team Ro, a team that once included Itachi. He leaves the Anbu to lead teams of Genin. He is assigned to lead Team 7, comprised of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. Eventually, Kakashi is appointed to be a commander in the Allied Shinobi Forces during the Fourth Shinobi World War. He becomes the Sixth Hokage for his efforts in winning the war.
Akatsuki is a group of shinobi who wear a black cloak with red clouds and forehead protectors with the symbol crossed out signifying the severed ties with their former village and are considered criminals. The concept was originated by Black Zetsu, but was founded by Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato to bring peace to the world. Nagato assumes leadership under his alias Pain” after Yahikos death. Other members include Kisame, Sasori, Deidara, Hidan, and Kakuzu. Their plan is to capture all the Tailed Beasts and deploy them strategically. Obito joins the organization under the alias Tobi” after Sasori is killed. Obitos plan is also to capture the Tailed Beasts, but to re the Ten-Tails and cast Infinite Tsukuyomi on the world, trapping everyone in a dream. He takes over as leader when Nagato is defeated. Obito demands that the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails be surrendered. The refusal initiates the Fourth Shinobi World War. Obito is defeated by Naruto and Sasuke, ending Akatsukis schemes.

How To Fit Your T-Shirt

Fitting your Naruto Shippuden Adult Akatsuki Cloud Anti Leaf Symbols Fleece Crew Sweatshirt tee is very crucial. The tee shirt fit rules your style, so understand the particular type of fit you are looking for ahead of time. The primary kinds of t-shirt fits consist of classic, fitted, slim fit, and oversized.

  • Classic Tee Shirts: Classic t-shirts are what we normally think of when a standard Gildan or generic t-shirt comes to mind. The fit is easy to wear and generically sized for the typical body type.
  • Fitted Tee Shirts: Fitted t-shirts typically have slender bodies with defined shoulders. The tshirt’s cut provides it more of a slimming and specified appearance.
  • Slim Fit Tee Shirts: Slim fit tee shirts are the skinniest t-shirts and are really tight fitting throughout the body, shirt’s circumference, and shoulders with short cut shirt sleeve lengths.
  • Oversized Tee Shirts: Oversized t-shirts are lengthened in the body with longer sleeve lengths. Larger sized t shirts are famous for emitting the Los Angeles vibes look consisting of rolled sleeves with the bottom hem traveling down past the user’s trousers pocket location. The oversized look can also be accomplished using a classic t-shirt which is one size up.

Shirt Product Quality

The tee shirts are made from a variety of fabrics and materials. The most common tee shirt materials are 100% cotton and cotton blended with polyester (cotton-poly). Check the tag on your tee shirt to see the type of material.

T-Shirt Washing and Drying

Follow these guidelines when washing your Naruto Shippuden Adult Akatsuki Cloud Anti Leaf Symbols Fleece Crew Sweatshirt tee. Washing and drying your shirt depends on the type of tee shirt fabric. View the tag on the tshirt for the cloth type and care directions. You must care for it by machine washing with cold water if your tee shirt is made out of 100% cotton. Use only non-chlorine bleach if you need to brighten the t-shirt’s colors. It is recommended to not use fabric softeners in the washing machine with tee shirts. After washing, place the damp tee shirts in the dryer and tumble dry on low heat until the t-shirt material, collars, and hems are dry. Remove clothing after the drying cycle is complete. Optionally, air dry any heavier clothes items which are not completely dry yet or redry in a smaller sized load on a shorter, timed drying cycle.

Wash T-Shirts Based Upon Color Loads

The most ideal practice is to wash your t-shirts based on color loads like darks and lights. Color contamination usually occurs when washing white tee shirts with other high saturation colors like reds, blacks, browns, and blues.

T-Shirt Storage

Tee shirt storage is necessary to keep your Ripple Junction tee shirts looking their finest. Tee-shirts can be put on a coat hanger to keep the tshirts wrinkle-free and hung on a clothing rack or bar in the closet. The t-shirts can also be folded well and placed into a drawer or stacked on a closet shelf.

Ripple Junction Graphic Tee Shirt Care

The following information applies to Naruto Shippuden Adult Akatsuki Cloud Anti Leaf Symbols Fleece Crew Sweatshirt graphic shirts. The art on your shirt are frequently a huge part of what makes it so incredible! Keep your t-shirt graphics looking clean and fresh by taking care of your brand’s tee shirt properly. When washing, turning your t shirt inside out can help protect the graphic art. When drying your graphic tshirt, use low heat dryer settings because high heat can destroy the screen prints and graphics.

Kinds of Graphic Applications

There are a number of types of tee shirt graphic applications consisting of silkscreen printing, dye sublimation, heat press printing, direct to garment printing, and other similar methods. Silkscreen printing is among the most popular and typical techniques for Ripple Junction tee shirts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are Ripple Junction t-shirts true to size?
Answer: The Ripple Junction tee shirt’s are normally sized well.

Question: What sort of material is the tee shirt made out of?
Answer: These tee shirts are usually cotton or cotton and poly blends. Refer to the Naruto Shippuden Adult Akatsuki Cloud Anti Leaf Symbols Fleece Crew Sweatshirt product description.

Question: Are Ripple Junction t-shirts good quality?
Answer: Yes, Ripple Junction tees are good quality. For their graphic tees, they print their styles on premium blank tee shirts.

Question: How should I clean a Ripple Junction t-shirt?
Answer: Place your Ripple Junction tee in the washing machine or as directed by the shirt’s tag. Be cautious using hot water while cleaning or high heat while drying since the greater temperature level can cause the material to shrink.

Question: If my Naruto Shippuden Adult Akatsuki Cloud Anti Leaf Symbols Fleece Crew Sweatshirt tee is too large, can I shrink it?
Answer: You can attempt shrinking your tee-shirt by rinsing it in hot water and drying it on high heat. This helps the shirt material shrink.

Question: If my Naruto Shippuden Adult Akatsuki Cloud Anti Leaf Symbols Fleece Crew Sweatshirt tee is too small, can I enlarge it?
Answer: Not normally. Tee shirt material can shrink when heat is applied to the material, however the material can not be enlarged or stretched very well.

Question: What types of colors should I combine in the washing machine?
Answer: Place like colors together while washing t-shirts. This includes darks with mediums or darks and lights with other lights or white colored clothes.

Question: What type of bleach should I use with my Naruto Shippuden Adult Akatsuki Cloud Anti Leaf Symbols Fleece Crew Sweatshirt tee?
Answer: Non-chlorine bleach can be used to lighten or revive the colors of your Naruto Shippuden Adult Akatsuki Cloud Anti Leaf Symbols Fleece Crew Sweatshirt tee. If you need instructions, use as directed and look up how to bleach a tee shirt.

Question: How long lasting is the t-shirt material?
Answer: You can possibly expect the t-shirt to last for a long period of time if cared for adequately.

Question: Are the t-shirt’s seams and hems double stitched?
Answer: Look at the t-shirt item description. Lots of t-shirt hems and seams are triple or double sewn and can have zigzag stitching as well for included resilience.

Question: What type of shirt fit is the Naruto Shippuden Adult Akatsuki Cloud Anti Leaf Symbols Fleece Crew Sweatshirt by Ripple Junction?
Answer: Check out the shirt’s product description. Naruto Shippuden Adult Akatsuki Cloud Anti Leaf Symbols Fleece Crew Sweatshirt might make different tee shirt fits of the Naruto Shippuden Adult Akatsuki Cloud Anti Leaf Symbols Fleece Crew Sweatshirt tee.

Question: How should I put away my t-shirts?
Answer: Tee shirts are best put away folded in a drawer or hung on a coat hanger to prevent wrinkles.





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