Boo Berry Shirt – Boo Berry Monster Cereal Logo T-Shirt

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Check Out Boo Berry Shirt – Boo Berry Monster Cereal Logo T-Shirt. See Great Graphic Tshirts By Tee Luv.

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Boo Berry Shirt – Boo Berry Monster Cereal Logo T-Shirt
Get Ready Monster Cereal Fans!
Introduced in the 1970s along with Count Chocula and Franken Berry, Boo Berry was the first blueberry flavored cereal on the market. Although this eerily delicious cereal only shows up in the fall these days – you dont have to wait for Halloween to don this graphic tee!
Our team featured the spooky but fun Boo Berry cereal mascot on this retro t-shirt. To complete the vintage look and feel – we’ve distressed the entire graphic and printed it on the highest quality, poly-cotton Royal Snow Heather tee around. Perfect for everyday casual wear! Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL.
Brought To You Exclusively By Tee Luv
With licenses for Americas favorite brands, talented designers, and state-of-the-art operations, Tee Luv apparel provides great fitting and feeling t-shirts with designs or logos you can wear on your sleeve, pun intended.
Easily The Most Comfortable T-Shirt You’ll Own
Made from ultra-soft poly-cotton so it already feels like your favorite tee – right out of the box. Easy care, machine wash and dry. Don’t worry about your new graphic ghost shirt fading, shrinking or losing its shape – Tee Luv tees are designed to last. This blue Boo Berry shirt also features a printed Tee Luv neck label for added comfort.
Guaranteed Authentic And High Quality
With the best customer care and fastest shipping around. Always easy exchanges, returns and replacements.
Order Your New Vintage Boo Berry Distressed Graphic T-Shirt Today!

Graphic Tshirt Product Features

Machine wash
YOUR NEW FAVORITE MONSTER CEREAL T-SHIRT: Enjoy the nostalgia of the classic Boo Berry cereal box logo – distressed and printed on the softest, Royal Snow Heather tee we could find.
FUN GIFT FOR THE FOODIE IN YOUR LIFE: Screen printed on high-quality, poly-cotton shirts that go from the washing machine to the dryer without losing shape, shrinking or fading.
SUPER COMFORTABLE REGULAR FIT TEE: You can wear this retro cereal t-shirt any day of the week, but watch out – girlfriends and wives will love to steal this one. Get an extra one for her.
VINTAGE FEEL, RETRO LOOK: This Boo Berry ghost shirt features a comfortable Adult Regular Fit available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, XXL, or XXXL sizes. True to size.
OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Boo Berry t-shirts sold by Tee Luv are guaranteed authentic and high quality, and are officially licensed by General Mills. Proudly printed in the USA.

How To Fit Your Tee Shirt

Fitting your Boo Berry Shirt – Boo Berry Monster Cereal Logo T-Shirt tee is really essential. The tee shirt fit establishes your design, so know the specific style of fit you are trying to find ahead of time. The essential types of tee shirt fits include classic, fitted, slim fit, and oversized.

  • Classic T-Shirts: Classic tee shirts are what we normally think about when a basic Gildan or generic tee shirt comes to mind. The fit is easy to wear and generically cut for the average physique.
  • Fitted Tee Shirts: Fitted tee shirts often have slender bodies with narrower shoulders. The t-shirt’s cut provides it more of a slimming and established look.
  • Slim Fit T-Shirts: Slim fit tee shirts are the skinniest tee shirts and are extremely tight fitting throughout the front and back, chest, and shoulders with short t-shirt sleeve lengths.
  • Oversized T-Shirts: Oversized tee shirts are extended in the body with longer t-shirt sleeve lengths. These t-shirts are trendy for producing the L.A. street look consisting of rolled sleeves and the bottom hem curtaining past the user’s pants pocket area or waistline. The oversized appearance can also be attained wearing a classic t-shirt which is one size up.

T Shirt Product Quality

The t-shirts are made from a variety of textiles and materials. Each different type of unique material is usually looked after in a different way. The most typical t-shirt fabrics are 100% cotton and cotton mixed with polyester (cotton-poly). Other shirt materials and blends can consist of linen, spandex, and rayon. Inspect the hang tag on your shirt to see the kind of cloth it is made from. Take care of the t shirt properly to keep it looking its best.

Tee Shirt Washing and Drying

Follow these guidelines when washing your Boo Berry Shirt – Boo Berry Monster Cereal Logo T-Shirt tee. If your tee shirt is made out of 100% cotton, you ought to care for it by machine washing using cold water. It is advised to not utilize fabric softeners in the washing machine with t-shirts. After washing, place the damp t-shirts in the clothes dryer and tumble dry on low heat until the tee shirt material, collars, and hems are dry.

Wash T-Shirts Based Upon Color Loads

The very best practice is to wash your t-shirts based upon color grouped loads like darks and lights. Combining the wash load with like colors helps to reduce cross-color contamination where darker colors bleed over into lighter ones. Color contamination typically occurs when washing white t-shirts with other high saturation colors like reds, browns, blues, and blacks. Separate these colors into a darks wash load. Other lighter colors like yellows, light blues, and pastel colors are typically ok to wash with whites in the lights wash load.

Tee Shirt Storage

Tee-shirt storage is very important to keep your Tee Luv t-shirts looking their best. They can be placed on a coat hanger to keep the shirts wrinkle-free and hung on a clothes rack or bar in the closet. The tshirts can likewise be folded well and placed into a drawer or stacked on a closet shelf.

Tee Luv Graphic T-Shirt Care

The following information applies to Boo Berry Shirt – Boo Berry Monster Cereal Logo T-Shirt graphic shirts. When placing your shirt into the wash, turning your tee shirt inside out can help protect the graphic art. When drying your graphic t-shirt, choose lower heat settings because higher heat can split the screen prints and graphics.

Kinds of Graphic Applications

There are numerous kinds of tee-shirt graphic applications including silkscreen printing, dye sublimation, heat press printing, direct to garment printing, and other comparable applications. Silkscreen printing is among the most standard and popular techniques for designing Tee Luv t-shirts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are Tee Luv shirts true to size?
Answer: The Tee Luv t-shirt’s are generally sized well.

Question: What sort of material is the tee shirt made out of?
Answer: These tee shirts are generally cotton or cotton and poly blends. Refer to the Boo Berry Shirt – Boo Berry Monster Cereal Logo T-Shirt item description.

Question: Are Tee Luv t-shirts good quality?
Answer: Yes, Tee Luv tees are good quality. For their graphic tees, they print their designs on top quality blank tee shirts.

Question: How should I clean a Tee Luv t-shirt?
Answer: Place your Tee Luv tee in the washing machine or as directed by the t-shirt’s tag. Be mindful using hot water while washing or high heat while drying considering that the greater temperature can cause the material to shrink.

Question: If my Boo Berry Shirt – Boo Berry Monster Cereal Logo T-Shirt tee is too big, can I shrink it?
Answer: You can attempt shrinking your tee-shirt by rinsing it in hot water and drying it on high heat. This helps the shirt material shrink.

Question: If my Boo Berry Shirt – Boo Berry Monster Cereal Logo T-Shirt tee is too small, can I enlarge it?
Answer: Not generally. Tee shirt material can shrink when heat is applied to the material, but the fabric can not be enlarged or stretched effectively.

Question: What types of colors should I combine in the washing machine?
Answer: Place like colors together while washing tee shirts. This consists of darks with darks or mediums and lights with other lights or white colored clothes.

Question: What kind of bleach should I use with my Boo Berry Shirt – Boo Berry Monster Cereal Logo T-Shirt tee?
Answer: Non-chlorine bleach can be used to lighten or restore the colors of your Boo Berry Shirt – Boo Berry Monster Cereal Logo T-Shirt tee. Use as directed and research how to bleach a t-shirt if you require instructions.

Question: How durable is the t-shirt material?
Answer: You can potentially anticipate the t-shirt to last for a very long time if cared for well.

Question: Are the shirt’s hems and seams double sewn?
Answer: Examine the tee shirt item description. Lots of shirt hems and seams are double or triple sewn and can have zigzag sewing also for included durability.

Question: What kind of t-shirt fit is the Boo Berry Shirt – Boo Berry Monster Cereal Logo T-Shirt by Tee Luv?
Answer: Look at the t-shirt’s item description. Boo Berry Shirt – Boo Berry Monster Cereal Logo T-Shirt might make different tee shirt fits of the Boo Berry Shirt – Boo Berry Monster Cereal Logo T-Shirt tee.

Question: How should I store my tee shirts?
Answer: Tee shirts are best stored folded in a drawer or hung on a coat hanger to prevent wrinkles.





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Find the correct t-shirt sizing dimensions from the tables below. Keep in mind these measurements are general size guidelines. They are created using generic t-shirt measurements. Your actual shirt sizing may vary by manufacturer, t-shirt material, style, cut of the shirt (like classic, fitted, slim fit, and oversized), and other factors.

Womens T-Shirt Sizing Chart

(in inches)
18 1/419 1/420 3/422 1/424 1/426 1/4
(in inches)
2626 1/227 1/42828 1/229
Sleeve Length
(in inches)
13 1/21414 3/415 1/216 1/417

Mens T-Shirt Sizing Chart

(in inches)
(in inches)
Sleeve Length
(in inches)
17 1/4
1818 3/419 1/220 1/421

Childrens T-Shirt Sizing Chart

(in inches)
(in inches)
Sleeve Length
(in inches)
17 1/4
1818 3/419 1/220 1/421

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