Bob’s Burgers Wonder Wharf Adult T-Shirt

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Bob’s Burgers Wonder Wharf Adult T-Shirt

Graphic Tshirt Product Features:

Officially Licensed
50/50 Cotton Polyester
Machine washable


Bob Belcher
Bob Belcher is the owner and chef of Bobs Burgers. He is the husband of Linda and father of Tina, Gene, and Louise, who all work at the restaurant with him. Bob is a balding, paunchy man but does sport an illustrious mustache, which he used to woo Linda. Son of Big Bob, he is a 3rd generation restaurateur. His signature is the Burger of the Day, which is typically a play on words or a bad pun such as Eggers Cant be Cheesers Burger, Pepper Dont Preach Burger, and What’s the Worcestershire that Could Happen Burger. Generally stubborn and pessimistic, Bob is constantly at odds with his rivals Hugo the health inspector and Jimmy Pesto, the successful owner of the pizzeria across the street. Add in always being late on rent payments to landlord Mr. Fischoeder, wealthy owner of the Wonder Wharf, running the business can be stressful. Despite their financial uncertainty, the family is more than happy to have each other and their little slice of heaven, Bobs Burgers.
Linda Belcher
Linda Belcher is the happy-go-lucky wife of Bob and mother of Tina, Gene, and Louise. Rocking her signature red cat-eye glasses, Linda is always ready for some fun. She was once engaged to Hugo the health inspector but couldnt resist her Bobbys passion for cooking and his Tom Selleckian” mustache… mostly the mustache. The couple are proof that opposites attract as her overly enthusiastic, optimistic personality contrasts greatly to Bobs indifferent, pessimistic attitude. Linda loves her kids, almost to a fault as she can be a pushover and is often manipulated by them, especially Louise. Although constantly smothering them with love and support, Linda can be strict. Her flair for the dramatic is only matched by her passion of the performing arts, such as dinner theater and synchronized swimming. Linda has an affinity for wine and gave wine moms all over the world a new motto to live by: Mommy doesn’t get drunk. She just has fun.”
Tina Belcher
Tina Belcher is the oldest child of the Belcher clan. A quirky girl entering adolescence, Tinas inner child clings to her passion for rainbows and horses while her inner teenager drives her to fantasizing about zombies, boys, and butts. She is a hopeless romantic with a crush on Jimmy Pesto Jr, but her insecurity and social awkwardness constantly get in her way. When under pressure, Tina is prone to freezing up, prolonged groans, and hiding under tables. Despite this, she does show flashes of confidence, referring to herself as a Smart, strong, sensual woman.” Often wounded by her numerous fleeting crushes, Tina documents these feelings in her diary. She also writes erotic fiction about these crushes, friends, and even zombies. A member of girl scout group the Thundergirls, Tina is responsible for her age, but can be taken advantage of by Gene and Louise. Although Tina can get caught up in her own feelings, she is loved by and loves her friends and family. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
Gene Belcher
Gene Belcher is the pudgy middle child of the family. Like Linda, Gene is carefree and friendly as well as passionate about music and performance arts. He is accompanied by his trusty Casio SK-5 keyboard, where he records everything from songs and jingles to fart noises to satisfy his gross sense of humor. Genes short attention span and lack of work ethic sometimes get in the way of his creativity. When he does put his mind to something, he can really wow like in his production of Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl,” a hybrid musical of Working Girl and Die Hard. When Gene isnt making music, he can be seen promoting the restaurant in a burger costume. Combine the burger costume with a Sasquatch mask, and yep, you guessed it, you get a Beefsquatch. The Beefsquatch is first seen when Gene crashes Bobs audition for Hey Good Cookin.” Despite Genes immature, attention seeking behavior, he is very close with everyone in the family. We’re Belchers, from the womb to the tomb!”
Louise Belcher
Louise Belcher is the youngest and most mischievous of the Belcher children. She is rarely seen without her signature pink rabbit ear hat and loves her Kuchi Kopi night-light. A master manipulator, Louise often uses the family as pawns in her schemes, especially Tina. Known as a daddys girl and a bit of a tomboy, Louise and Bob enjoy many of same things such as harshly critiquing TV shows which they refer to as Burn Unit.” On the flip side, Louise often clashes with Lindas overbearing personality. Despite their differences and complex relationship, they love each other. Louises hunger for chaos and conflict can get the family into tricky situations, but she also has the cunning to resolve any dilemma. Boisterous, Louise is not above screaming or even slapping someones face to get her point across. She is very protective of her space and belongings, even creating a will to leave all her possessions to her own ghost. I smell fear on you.”

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Amazon Disclosure: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to FTC Disclosure: Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these. You can learn more about this from our affiliate policy, terms of service, and privacy policy.

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